10 Ways to Be an Extreme Cheapskate
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10 Ways to Be an Extreme Cheapskate

If you truly want to save money during this new era of inflation, you can go the slow route or take the fast track. When you choose to make a commitment toward being a cheapskate in the name of saving for a goal, you will quickly see forward progress. And don’t worry, there are far fewer stigmas regarding saving money than there were in the past because virtually everyone understands the reasoning behind being frugal.

  1. Do Everything Yourself. Did your washer break down? Is your kitchen faucet leaking? You might be surprised at just how many things you can learn to fix on your own. Everything from painting, fixing your kids electronic toys, and rescreening windows. Before calling a professional, look online and see if you can tackle it yourself. This excludes highly skilled categories like heavy plumbing and electrical work, of course!
  2. Frequent Thrift Shops. Instead of buying new things from the shelves of high-end stores, consider browsing through the items at your local thrift shop. You’ll find appliances, clothes, luggage, and furniture, almost everything you need, at a mere fraction of the cost. Find out when the stores offer deeper discounts and shop with coupons if they are available.
  3. Review Your Car Insurance.  Researching cheap auto insurance that still meets your coverage needs will also put cash back in your pocket. If you’ve found yourself getting complacent about your policy, it’s time to take another look.
  4. Dust off the Bike. Now that spring is here, it’s time to dust off the bike – but not just for the purpose of exercise, but to ride it to work instead of using your vehicle. You’ll save money on gas and car maintenance, and you’ll construct a new and improved, healthier you. While this option might not be available over the winter, take advantage of the nice weather when it comes along. Just make sure there’s a place you can freshen up at work!
  5. Go Minimalist. Most Americans have items in their homes they don’t use. They don’t want it, don’t use it, and it serves as clutter in the house. Now is the time to pick out the unused furniture, clothes, and other items to be sold at an estate sale, on Craigslist or eBay. What can’t be sold can be donated or given away to other family members. Make a vow not to purchase more items to fill in the spaces you just cleared away!
  6. Unplug Yourself from Technology. You can save hundreds of dollars a year if you unplug yourself from the grid. Whether you do it for a day or a week or even a month, finding other things to do besides watching TV, playing video games, and even ditching the cell phone in lieu of a landline, will create a more peaceful – and financially bountiful environment. Consider going unplugged for a week during the summer (except for the necessities like the refrigerator). Play board games with the kids, sing songs around a fire pit, turn it into family time. 
  7. Get Free Stuff. If you look close enough, you’ll find offers for free products everywhere. Magazines, online, newspapers, and social media are good points of contact for obtaining free items from manufacturers. 
  8. Hang Clothes Outside. As long as the temperature outside is not below freezing, take your clean wet clothes outside and hang them on a line. This will give you the amazing outdoor scent inside your clothing and it will save on electricity and dryer maintenance.
  9. Forgo Fast Food & Junk Food. America has a love affair with sugar and fat. Unfortunately, for many it’s become an addiction. In your quest to save money, give up sweets, sodas, fast food, and everything that is in that unhealthy realm. Swap it out for fresh, healthy foods that fill you up more quickly and are more nutritious.
  10. Use What’s in Your Pantry. Chances are good there are food products in your pantry and freezer right now that could sustain your family for a while. Instead of heading to the store to pile more items on top of the old, use those products that have been shoved to the back or to the bottom of the freezer. It might save you a week or two in grocery costs.

If you are serious about saving money, there are plenty of ways to do it. If you have a goal that you’re saving up for, going extreme cheapskate will get you to that goal quickly. And, some of these useful tricks might lead to habits that continue to save you money and keep you healthy in the future!

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