5 Reasons Stay Ollantaytambo Peru

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5 Reasons Stay Ollantaytambo Peru

What is Ollantaytambo Peru?

Ollantaytambo Peru ruins is a fortress that, in 14404, was rebuilt by the Inca Pachacutec, and is in ruins today. Its construction, till today, remains a mystery. It is a citadel that is made of red granite, molded with stones, down to the finest of details. Over the years, the fortress has been reconstructed several times during the Andean culture. Till today, no one has any idea who was the first to construct this stunning fortress. It is situated 80Km Northeast of Cusco, approximately 40 Km from Machu Picchu. A drive from Cusco to Ollantaytambo is a mere 2 hours.

Cause of Fame of Ollantaytambo Peru

These ancient ruins hold a unique appeal and mystery for die-hard fans of history and architecture. This enormous archaeological site is the ideal blend of culture, history, and mystery. This fortress is a popular tourist attraction for those in the Sacred Valley. The primary attraction for tourists is the ruins of the fortress at Temple Hill.

Why Choose to Visit Ollantaytambo Peru?

Ollantaytambo Peru has a lot in store for ambitious tourists who are in for a dose of unique history, architecture, and much more. In Ollantaytambo Peru, you can:

1. Visit the All-Famous Ollantaytambo Peru Ruins

This beautiful fortress is the place where the famous battle between the Incas and the Spanish took place. Because of its remarkable history, this place holds a unique appeal. It has become more or less a natural stop for anyone visiting the Sacred Valley. Standing at the very top of the ruins, you get to enjoy a view of the Sacred Valley unlike any other.

2. Explore the Souvenir Market

As you move down from the ruins, you will gradually land in a street surrounded by gorgeous stalls offering a colorful array of scarves, hats, bags, and much more. Do not forget to take along a bag full of souvenirs from this amazing trip!

3. Climb to the Top of Pinkuylluna If You Can

Another ruin that you can enjoy in Ollantaytambo Peru is the Pinkuylluna; the ideal place for a good hike. It’s loose curled and steep paths are bound to offer the thrill that hikers are in for on such visits. Bring along a picnic basket to add a dose of fun to the already thrilling adventure and make it memorable!

4. Have a Stroll through the Cobbled Streets in Ollantaytambo Peru

Walking through the cobbled streets you can imagine who else visited these streets 80 hundred years ago to add the thrill of history to your tour.

5. Have a Walk on the Inca Bridge

The famous Inca Bridge that spans the Rio Urubamba is another much-liked spot for tourists. A walk across this bridge allows you to experience just how busy the place is all through the season. Walking along this bridge gives you a view of the intricate doorways, deserted railway tracks, and city life of Ollantaytambo Peru.

Without a doubt, Ollantaytambo Peru is a bucket-list-worthy spot for anyone who has an ounce of love for architectural history and culture!

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