Bad weather on vacation? These ideas will keep the kids occupied
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Bad weather on vacation? These ideas will keep the kids occupied

You can plan your next vacation to the smallest of details, but sadly, you can’t control the weather! Even the most optimistic of forecasts can quickly change into a downpour of bad weather that drives you and your family inside your accommodation for a few hours, or worse – days!

When bad weather hits, it’s easy to think that your vacation is ruined, however, it’s worth remembering that you’re still spending time together and there’s still an opportunity to make some great memories, all you need to do is plan ahead.

Want to know more? Read on for some simple ideas to keep the kids occupied and content when bad weather hits your vacation.

Come prepared!

Putting together emergency “indoor fun” packs for when the bad weather hits can keep your children occupied for hours! Adding a few items to your suitcase for them to enjoy during those long afternoons waiting for the sun to appear again will keep the kids engaged while you relax and plan the rest of your break. Items such as activity books, stickers, figurines, play clay and indoor toys for kids from Wicked Uncle will certainly keep them busy. If you don’t end up using them on vacation – great! Consider using them when you’re travelling to keep the kids occupied in the air or on the road.

Search for some indoor attractions

If you’re staying at a resort, there might be some indoor entertainment or activities your children might like to try until the weather clears up. Or kids’ club places that’ll look after your kids for a few hours whilst you and your partner enjoy some much-needed time together. If you’re on holiday somewhere new, why not search for some local indoor attractions to try, such as museums, art galleries, soft play or even some indoor aquariums, as they’re the perfect way to escape the wet weather for a few hours and make some memories.

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Embrace the situation

If you’re visiting somewhere with a traditionally hot climate, then you may find that the poor weather passes over quickly. In that case, why not head out and make the most of it anyway? Take a light jacket each and enjoy a bite to eat undercover at a local restaurant or café. Let the kids enjoy some relief from the heat and dance in the rain! Just remember to bring a towel – just in case.

Enjoy some quiet time

Family vacations are often hectic and crammed full of activities as we try to make the most of our time together. So, if the weather is poor, why not take the opportunity to slow down and enjoy some much-needed quiet time. Think: sitting together to read a book, some colouring, watching a movie or TV at your accommodation together or even listening to an audiobook. If you have younger children with you, then encouraging them to take a nap means they’ll have more energy and be less cranky when the sun comes out again.

Wait until it’s clear and fine

As they say in Iceland, wait for five minutes if you don’t like the weather. Or maybe you’ll have to wait longer because the country can experience sudden or unpredictable shifts in the weather anytime of the day. That’s why it’s imperative to choose a well-furnished campervan and keep it well-stocked in light of any situation. Inside your cozy camper, you can bond over movies and online games. You can also prepare warm delicious meals for everyone. Stay where you are until it’s safe to hit the road again for more adventures.

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Final thoughts…

Bad weather doesn’t have to ruin your vacation, consider the points above to continue making happy memories and to keep the kids occupied!

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