Banh Mi and Ti Restaurant Review
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Banh Mi and Ti Restaurant Review

Banh Mi and Ti is a Vietnamese term that means bread for all kinds.


Banh Mi and Ti is a cozy local Vietnamese restaurant with to-go Vietnamese food. This is a woman-based local-run business.


This restaurant offers a diverse range of food ranging from sandwiches, different variety rice bowls, coffee, juice, bubble tea, and a variety of toppings. 

Meal Plans (breakfast/lunch)


Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwich

Banh Mi and Ti offers a diverse variety of sandwiches for the occasion of lunch and breakfast. They serve sandwiches with different toppings i.e. carrots, homemade-mayo, cilantro, and cucumber. Their sandwich menu includes classy chick, pork N Roll, the Viet special, Ban Mi Bo Kho. Drunken beef, and Xa Xiu. And they offer some special sandwiches for people with a high taste i.e. Feelin tofu (no mayo) and veggie Banh Mi with no mayo. And the price range of all the above sandwiches starts from 6.93 to 7. 25.

Bowl Rice

Banh Mi Bowl

Bowl rice has a separate place in their menu. Their rice bowl ranges include a variety of tastes ranging from classy chick bowl, Bho kho Bowl, pork N roll bowl, drunken beef bowl, and Xia xu bowl. And also there is special availability of fellin tofu bowl and veggie bowl. Furthermore, the prices of these bowls range from 7.95 to 9.25

Side Order

Banh Mi Summer Rolls

Not only this, but they also gave the facility of side orders. In a side order, you can order shrimp summer rolls, veggie summer rolls, tofu summer rolls, Vietnamese cabbage salad, and you can also add an egg: the choice is yours. And their price ranges from 1.25 to 4.95.


vietnamese coffee

They have an abundant variety of coffee for coffee lovers. And they feel pride in serving delicious coffee of brand Café Du Monde. Their coffee range includes house brew, French roast, Café Sua Da, café phin, and Decaf. And their piece starts from 1.6 to 4.50.

Most of the time people consume coffee in the morning or night. And in mid-times there exist coffehaloics for this time.  And the question that is asked by so many people that what is included in French roast. Basically, this coffee includes pure beans of French roast coffee without any chicory.

Nuoc Mia

Vietnamese Sugarcane Juice Nuoc Mia

This category includes sugar cane juice. And mostly opt for it in the morning. Therefore, it is much suitable for people who love to drink sugar-cane juice. Further, it is of 1.95.

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea

Bubble tea is the most innovative product of Banh Mi.  And people consume it at any time of day. And you can get the tea in ranges i.e. medium, large, and hot.

Tea Options

Not only bubble tea, but this also gives real vibes to the friends. From the menu bar, select the tea i.e. Green tea, oolong, and black tea.

Dine-In/ Delivery/ Takeaway

Banh Mi and Ti revise their policies following the masses’ choices and preferences. And above all, they have changed and updated their policies per the Covid-19 situation. Now they are providing outdoor seating, takeout, and delivery service. 


The timing of Banh MI and Ti is from 11:00 am to 6:00 p.m


Their rating is 4.8. And the ambiance is satisfying.

Contact Details

For contact and queries, they have provided their number (412) 251-5030. Further, their address is 4502 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201, United States.

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