Bui Doi Children of Haiti

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Bui Doi Children of Haiti

Bui Doi children of Haiti has become very popular. Bui doi is the Vietnamese term which means the dust of life. This term refers to the street children or the vagrants. The term bui doi started becoming popular in 1989 when Miss Saigon released a song referring to the Amerasian children who were left behind after Vietnam War in the Vietnam. 

This term Bui doi was originally introduced for referring the people who are starving and them who belonged to the countryside but started taking refuge in the towns.  There is another term derived from the term bui doi and that is tre bui doi which now means the juvenile gang members or the young street children. This term is basically used to create an imagination of the children who have been abandoned and now moving from a place to place without any apparent purpose and food. This movement of children is also referred to the movement of dust. 

Amerasian Children

The children who were born during the time of Vietnam War were left behind in Vietnam when the war was offer. According to a statistics, there were a total number of 50,000 children who were left abandoned. Among those children, many suffered to fight for their lives however there were too many who died prematurely. Almost all the children at that time had no place to go and they used to live on streets struggling each day to live for another day.  They were actually American citizens but because they had no proofs for their identity, they had to live pity lives. 

Relation of Bui Doi with Music

Earlier, the term bui doi wasn’t famous at all in the west but it came into use by the launch of a song of Miss Saigon by Alain Boublil and Schonberg. This song has the most running Broadway history in the history of musical theatre as it closed in 2001 starting from 1991. Miss saigon’s song bui doi is written by Richard Maltby and Alain Boublil.  In the song, they didn’t mean Vietnamese children using the term bui doi. Rather they reffered to the Amerasian children of the Americal solders and Vietnamese Mothers who were abandoned when the Vietnam War ended. 

Bui Doi Now

Bui doi now in the US refers to the term dust of life which is used for the criminal class of the youth. This term now includes both the Amerasians and the Vietnamese. So basically this term is now used for the children having mixed races and those who are abandoned. 

Bui Doi Song

Miss Saigon’s song bui doi is the direct representation of the abandoned Amerasians children left after the War of Vietnam. This song depicted true meanings of this term in the lyrics.  The song was written to represent how those poor children lived their lives without a family, without their parents. Those children were referred to as dust while giving the title bui doi. The dust which has no place to stay and it keeps on wandering. The song tells that we mustn’t forget those children who were the survivors of war and they kept on surviving. 

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