6 Energy Saving Tips for Your Mobile Home
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6 Energy Saving Tips for Your Mobile Home

Mobile homes, often known as prefabricated homes, may be made more energy-efficient, much like traditional houses. This includes all types of mobile homes, from Rockwood Mini Lite Travel Trailers to traditional Airstream trailers to converted vans. Mobile homeowners may be paying more for power than they should.

If you follow a few simple energy-saving tips, you’ll be saving electricity and money in no time! It is possible to do specific weatherization tasks independently, but it is best left to skilled professionals. These tips will help you save energy and money from your mobile home fabrication.

1. Invest in Your Rooftop

improve your mobile home's roof by installing insulation

To save money, you may improve your mobile home’s roof by installing insulation and a roofing coating in the roof cavity. White or cool roof coatings may significantly lower the warmth of your house by reflecting as much as 85% of the sun’s rays into space. During the sweltering summer months, it will make a big difference.

Keeping your home’s interior temperature stable is made more accessible by insulating the attic’s roof hollow. In addition, insulation for mobile home ceilings may be improved by installing an angled roof.

2. Keep Mobile Home’s Insulation Up-To-Date

Keep Mobile Home’s Insulation Up-To-Date

The most common concern faced by prefabricated house owners is inadequate insulation. In many cases, the walls and crawl spaces are not adequately insulated.

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You should put insulation in two places: the walls and the substructure. For example, more well-insulated barriers reduced heat loss by 13 percent in a study of energy efficiency in old and new prefabricated houses. Similarly, an improvement in the underfloor insulation reduces heat loss by 11%.

Keep an eye on your insulation, weatherstripping, and siding to ensure they are in excellent working order. According to the UK Center for Sustainable Energy, approximately 25% of energy is lost via roofs, 35% through walls, and 15% via floors. If your mobile home is adequately insulated, you’ll save money on cooling and heating since your house will be more comfortable.

3. Make a Few Lighting Adjustments

Make a Few Lightning Adjustment in Your Mobile Home

Change your incandescent light bulbs with LED (light-emitting diodes) and CFL light sources if you want to save money on power (compact fluorescent lamps). According to official estimates, CFLs and LEDs may increase the efficiency of your home’s energy consumption by roughly 85% when compared to traditional lighting.

Energy-efficient light bulbs may save you $75 a year by replacing the five most commonly used lighting fixtures. Install dimmers, sensors, or timers to make your lights more energy-efficient. Lighting accounts for around 12 percent of your home’s energy usage, and these simple changes can help you increase your bottom line.

4. Enhance the Quality of Your Cooking Equipment

Enhance the Quality of Your Cooking Equipment

Up to an extra twenty-five percent of your household’s energy costs are accounted for by appliances like the dishwasher, refrigerator, and washing machine. So if you’re using rusty or outdated appliances, you may be wasting energy since they’re working extra hard to get the job done.

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Older mobile homes and the equipment that come with them may be expensive to maintain and repair.

However, purchasing Energy Star replacements may save you money for appliances nearing the end of their useful life. Compared to older models, Energy Star appliances save anywhere from 10 to 50 percent on energy use. A typical dryer uses the same energy as the most recent Energy Star-certified refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers. So after making the transition, you may save hundreds of dollars.

5. Invest in Solar Power

Invest in Solar Power for Mobile Home

The fact that particular solar panel systems are light enough to be put on the roof of a prefabricated home may surprise you. With solar, you’ll be able to generate your power at no additional cost to your wallet, but there is an upfront fee for acquiring and installing the system. Search for the best mobile home solar system manufacturers and restrict your search to experienced installers.

When it comes to the initial expense, you may be apprehensive. However, local, state and utility companies all have programs to help with the costs. Designing a passively solar-powered home might also be a wise choice for homeowners. Include a sunspace and place your mobile house where it gets the maximum sun exposure.

6. Service Your HVAC System

Service Your HVAC System

Taking care of one’s cooling and heating systems is a homeowner’s responsibility. At least once a year, clean or change the furnace filters and vacuum the vents to ensure that the air in your home is clean.

Ensure that the vents are clean by removing the cover and inspecting the inside for any accumulation of dust, grime, or pet hair. The first sign that airflow isn’t moving in your house is a clogged air filter. At this time of year, it is essential to remove your window air conditioner completely. Installing weatherstripping around the window unit may prevent an air leak.

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