Four of the Best Reasons to Visit Turkey
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Four of the Best Reasons to Visit Turkey

Turkey is perhaps the perfect continental holiday destination. Bridging the gap between southern Europe and western Asia, Turkey is uniquely placed to receive the best of both worlds – though its identity is entirely its own. Turkey’s culture is as rich as its history is long, making it difficult to experience it in less than a week, or even a fortnight.

Still, here we hope to distill the essence of Turkey’s appeal into four simple reasons, that span the breadth of Turkey’s influence and exports. From the spellbinding cuisine to the unique terrain, Turkey is like no place you’ll ever visit. A holiday here is nothing short of life-changing – and here’s why.

The Food

The reputation of Turkish food precedes itself. Turkey is responsible for some of the most delicious foodstuffs on the planet – and, naturally, they will only taste better direct from their country of origin.

Baklava is a world-famous sweet treat comprising ground nuts, hair-thin pastry and honey by the ladleful; Turkish delight is a delightfully light gelatin treat available in a variety of flavors; Turkish coffee is as much an experience as it is a beverage, with a theatrical display of handled pots, boiling-hot sand and bubbling brews.

The Natural Wonders

Turkey is a playground of natural features; with a diverse geography and numerous breathtaking locations you can visit during your stay. The rock formations of Cappodocia can be seen in all their majesty from hot air balloon, as an excellent sunrise start to a Turkish adventure vacation.

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Meanwhile, the town of Pamukkale is home to unique mineral formations, where volcanic spring water deposits carbonates in the form of travertine; the resulting “terraces” simply must be seen to be believed.

The Beaches

Granted, beaches are technically a natural formation – but here, they deserve an entry all their own. Wherever in Turkey you find yourself, a beautiful coastal location will not be far away.

With nearly 4500 miles of beach to play with, there’s something for everyone! Kabak Beach on the southern coast is a small, out-of-the-way idyll, and Ölüdeniz’ Blue Lagoon is close by. On the north coast, Ordu’s Caka Beach is a great local spot, especially for those who prefer their summers a little milder.


Istanbul is a draw in and of itself – and no trip to Turkey is complete without a day or two spent in one of its most famous cities. Istanbul’s rich history encompasses the heights of the Byzantine Empire, and today is a coastal and cultural hub.

Istanbul is worth a visit for the bazaars alone, boasting tens of markets specializing in different kinds of local produce.  Specially its highly recommended to visit “Grand bazar” which have a rich history and best for street shopping. The architecture is also unbelievably beautiful, and travels through the city will be instantly memorable for it.

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