How to build on your brand as a travel influencer
- February
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How to build on your brand as a travel influencer

Success as a travel influencer takes years of dedication, perseverance, and a brand that catches the imagination of your followers. Everything you do impacts your online persona, and keeping on top of your responsibilities as someone who travels the world for a living isn’t easy.

Building a strong influential brand is the foundation of your online role. It’s what makes you stand apart from your competitors, entices 3rd party collaborations, and crucially, attracts followers to your online profiles. But with so many obligations to juggle at any time, it can be difficult to give your brand the focus and attention it needs. So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered some simple but highly effective ways you can build on your brand as a travel influencer.

Utilize DAM software

Using DAM software is the key to building on your influential brand. As an individual with thousands of digital assets to handle daily, having them stored in a centralized cloud-based location can help promote a consistent image across your online platforms. With clever version control capabilities and seamless Google-style search criteria, users can find the files they need within seconds and ensure fewer mistakes when uploading across numerous platforms.

No more endless searching for the right file or jeopardizing your brand consistency by uploading the wrong version of your logo or typography! With DAM software it’s easier to stick to your brand guidelines when you have full control over your digital assets. When all your files are in one place, a consistent brand image is guaranteed.

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Collaborate with trusted brands and influencers

As your brand begins to grow, it should start to turn the heads of like-minded entrepreneurs and third parties who’ll want to utilize your far-reaching influence. Whether you’ve been asked to promote a hotel, luggage or something that makes travel easier, being selective over the brands you choose to work with reflects positively on your own online presence. Collaborating with other influencers – either digitally or at your chosen destinations – helps enforce your brand identity and cements your online presence as one that is professional and in demand. These kinds of collaborations can help followers associate your brand with high-end content and products, increasing your revenue and your reach simultaneously.

Consider going “behind the scenes”

Honesty and online influence go hand in hand. Many people tire of the falseness and “highlight reel” of social media, but in terms of building on your brand, this is something you can use to your advantage. Consider showing your followers a real “behind the scenes” look at your travel lifestyle. Highlight the highs and the lows of traveling for a living. When followers begin to associate your brand with honesty, the more impressive and memorable your brand will become.

And finally, invest in yourself

As you begin to earn a living from your travel lifestyle, consider re-investing your earnings back into your brand. Unsure of how to make a pre-set? Spend your money learning how. Struggling with SEO and marketing strategies at this stage? Take a course on how to improve your online presence and boost the traffic to your platforms. Filling in the gaps in your knowledge will help you develop a stronger brand image and take the steps needed to succeed, no matter where in the world you might be.

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