How To Call Dubai From US
- November
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How To Call Dubai From US

Dubai, by afar is the most populated city in the UAE, United Arab Emirates. It is mainly the foreigners that take up around 80% of the whole city’s population. Nevertheless, Dubai relates to all countries around the globe. Initially, an international call to Dubai may seem like a difficult task, and it may be hard for a first but there are some simple steps that you can follow. If you want to call Dubai UAE, and you are not sure which way is the best and the quickest, here are the simplest instructions.

How to call Dubai from the US

These are some simple steps.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to dial 011, which is the U.S exit code. For dialing any international call, you need to enter the country’s exit code.
  2. Once done, dial the UAE country code, 971. At this stage, your number will be 011-971.
  3. After that enter the 1-digit area code based on where you want to call. This area code should be followed by the phone number that is a 7-digit code.
  4. Taking a sample, here is how a call to Dubai from US will look like: 011 + 971 + X + XXX XXXX. Calling for any international country, your sample call will look like this.

If you are confused about how to call Dubai from the US, the area code for Dubai is 4, which can be added in the string above when you are to call. It is also important to note the time difference that exists. Dubai goes with standard Gulf time so an international call will require the time check.

An international calling card can save you some money when going for long-distance calls. These calling cards are easily available at grocery stores, convenience stores, or even online.

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Do you want to know about the area codes?

For area codes, you can check the internet to find the area codes of the place where you want to call. But most destinations for international calls have an assigned and dedicated beginner digit, so you won’t be needing the area code.

Using alternative calling methodsUS and UAE

With the time difference that exists, it can be difficult to manage a time that is suitable for both ends. If calling is hard due to the difference in time zones, you can alternatively go for internet calls like Facebook, Messenger, or some other internet service. VoIP services like Skype, WhatsApp, and FaceTime are not permitted in the UAE.

Internal calls blocked? What to do.

Now, normally whenever you get a new cell phone, the factory default settings are set for international calls to be blocked. This means that the calling will manually have to be turned on. But there’s nothing to worry about. You can easily change the setting of your phone to allowing international calls, or if you are unable to do so, you can ask your service provider to do us.


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