How to Connect Spotify to Alexa?
- February
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How to Connect Spotify to Alexa?

Spotify has a lot of modes of action, therefore it is so much loved by the people. One of the biggest advantage that it has for many people is that it can be directly integrated with the Amazon artificial intelligence known as Alexa and can be operated using voice command. And most importantly it can be kept easily while you are traveling somewhere.

The Spotify application through Alexa can be directly used with voice, you can play pause rewind and do everything by merely speaking. You can even ask Alexa to play a specific song for you using Spotify and it will do it in mere seconds just by the command from your voice.

Connecting Spotify to Alexa

How to Connect Spotify to Alexa?

By following these steps you can connect Spotify to Alexa and control everything over voice commands:

  • First you need to have an Amazon device that has Alexa built into it. Amazon has quite a few different products that have built in Alexa and all have Spotify integration so there is no choice of product that you have to get especially for Spotify.
  • The first step in setting it all up is to download the Amazon Alexa application. It is available on both the android store as well as apple app store.
  • Download the application and follow all the instructions that the app will provide to set up your Alexa enabled device.
  • After you have done setting up the application you need to follow certain steps:
  1. Go to settings of Alexa application
  2. Select the music option from there
  3. Click on the link new service to add it to Spotify
  4. It will give you the window in which you will have to login to Spotify using your credentials. Do this.
  5. Then you just need to click or select the option that says ‘default services’ and select Spotify on that.
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How to Connect Spotify to Alexa?

In this way you are ready to go and you Amazon Alexa is now integrated with Spotify and can be controlled using your voice.

Many people now due to Alexa support don’t even go to their phone to open up the Spotify application. They just ask Alexa to play the song that they want to listen to and it plays it form them. The best part about this entire thing is the process is very seamless and smooth, it just requires a few seconds and there no amount of any noticeable delay between your command and the song playing.

There are many commands that you can provide that will help you in controlling the Spotify application. Some common commands that Spotify uses are:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Like this song
  • Play the next song etc.

These were a few basic commands, otherwise there are a lot of them through which you can control.

Spotify is the most used music streaming application of the world. Due to these little integrations and a huge support and list of singers and podcasts show that is never ending is what makes Spotify such a fan favorite application. Due to such things , singers are able to gain plays. Or even if they are new to Spotify , they have invest in such integrations to make quality tracks. After putting on a lot of effort on tracks they may buy Spotify plays to expand reach instantly.

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