How to Insert TikTok link in bio & How to copy profile link
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How to Insert TikTok link in bio & How to copy profile link

How can you insert a link in the bio at TikTok? TikTok includes a clickable link in the profile description, and what do you have to consider? It will perhaps be the question from one or the other user of the TikTok app who has discovered a clickable link in the bio on another profile. We have created a short guide in this article, which is possible here and how you can include a link in the bio.


TikTok: Clickable Link in Bio?

If you want to insert a link in the bio on TikTok, you simply have to copy the link to the clipboard, click on the red “Edit profile” button in the profile view and paste the link into the biography (attention, maximum 80 characters possible). At the moment, it is still the case that the inserted link is NOT clickable. But that should change in the future because TikTok has also allowed and activated clickable links for some users. According to reports, the feature seems to be still being tested so far and is, therefore, unfortunately not yet available to every user (which is probably only a matter of time).

As an alternative to the clickable link in the TikTok biography, you can also link your Instagram profile and YouTube channel to your own profile. The links to Instagram and YouTube can then also be clicked on the profile via the respective icon. Unfortunately, you cannot insert any link here, only your Instagram profile or YouTube channel.

As soon as something changes on the topic, you can add the clickable link to the TikTok biography as a normal user. Until then, however, you have to wait and see and drink tea.


TikTok Link to Profile: Copy Profile URL

Where can I find the link to my TikTok profile? How can I copy my TikTok profile URL? This question will perhaps be asked by one or the other user of the now very popular Lip Sync app for Android and iOS. Here you can find where you can find and copy the link to your own profile.


TikTok: Find and copy profile link

If you want to link your TikTok profile somewhere on a website or another platform such as Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, the question often arises, where can I find my profile link, and how can I copy it? With TikTok, the profile can be accessed via the user name, similar to other social networks and apps. With a username like alanwatson, this means the profile link You can open the link in any conventional browser and call up the profile. If it is a public and NOT a private profile, you can even view the uploaded clips in the browser on your PC or Mac.

You can also copy the TikTok profile link directly from the app, simply start the TikTok app, call up your own profile, and tap the red button with the “Edit profile.” In the editing view, you can find the profile URL under “Username,” which you can copy to the clipboard using the copy symbol on the right and paste it somewhere else.


A new username also changes the link to the TikTok profile.

Incidentally, it is important for the link to the TikTok profile that if you change your user name, the profile link will also change. As a rule, there is no automatic redirection to the new profile URL, so you should keep this in mind if you have already posted the link somewhere before. Clickable links definitely help you to get more website traffic or other social profiles but you must have more number of followers. If you are struggling to gather a bunch of followers, don’t hesitate to buy TikTok followers. Happy TikToking!

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