La Calacas Skeleton
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La Calacas Skeleton

What is Las Calacas skeleton?

Calacas is a translated name for a skeleton. In Mexican and Spanish it means or is a name that is given to a skull of a person. In Mexico, there is an annual event called Mexican day of Dead. It is big event that occurs in Mexico and a huge festival occurs on this event where the calacas are hung as the decoration.

La Calacas Skeleton

What does Calacas represent?

Calacas a skulls and what they majorly represent in Mexican culture is a departed soul of a person. They also put a name of the departed soul on the forehead of the skull and is a symbolic way to honor the dead whose soul are returning for the festival of The Mexican day of the Dead. 

Also it is a fact that the skull is the part of the human body is decays the most late and remains alright with time, therefore in the Mexican culture skulls are considered or represent a good symbol of happiness. 

The mentality of the people of Mexico is to remind themselves by the skulls to use the calacas as a symbol of death, to greet death as an old friend. To make them believe that death and regeneration are a part of life and instead of getting scared from, they greet them as happiness and a part of life.

Importance in Mexican culture 

The Mexicans consider calacas as an internal factor of their society and a traditional one. They make these skulls and decorate the entire cities with them. These skulls called calacas in Mexico are decorated in many different ways and are considered a great way to remind that death is not to be feared. 

The importance of these skulls is not new it dates back a long history of Mexico. They are presented as a precious gift from the people to each other and are decorated with paints, flowers and different symbols. In short this is one of the most important event of the entire Mexican culture.

What does it say about death?

As said earlier the skulls in Mexican culture does represent death. But it does not symbolizes death as a negative rather these calacas represent a different story. The skulls in Mexican culture say that death is nothing but the next big adventure and as life is enjoyed the afterlife and the life after rebirth should be looked forward to equally.

So, Mexican skulls also known as sugar skulls or calacas are one of the most important part of the entire Mexican culture. They are a way to remind everyone that death is something that is inevitable. Although the current generations of Mexican are not keeping the culture as it was a few years ago. Therefore the old people are worried that such an important symbol might disappear with the coming generations. Due to which many efforts are being done so that the tradition remains and remains as lively as it used to be.

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