Nicky’s Thai Kitchen Pittsburg Restaurant Review

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Nicky’s Thai Kitchen Pittsburg Restaurant Review

Nicky’s Thai kitchen is a restaurant situated in Pittsburgh and at different locations. It masters in different types of foods.


The main cuisines that Nicky’s Thai kitchen offers are as the name shows Thai and also Asian food. So it serves all those Asian and Thai foods that are situated in those areas, so you can get the taste without any need of going there.


The specialties of this restaurant include Thai dishes and another specialty is that it serves purely vegan food for the people who don’t prefer to eat meet. There are many vegan and gluten free options which are a plus for anyone who does not want to eat the traditional foods.


The meals that are offered here are offered at lunch, Dinner and Late night food if you are into it. There are plenty of options of food you can get for all these times.


Dining option are all the ones that possible in Nicky’s Thai kitchen. You can get sit in and dine in to enjoy the atmosphere of the place or you can take away your food and eat it on the go. You can also get the food delivered to have your meal at the comfort of your home.

Average meal prices

The average meal prices are not that high nor that low and range from 2.5$ to 17.95$ at most.


Thai and Asian are one of the most liked foods throughout the world so no wonder if there is a restaurant that makes them good people are bound to like it and that is what you get at Nicky’s Thai kitchen as thee food quality is outstanding. The place for dining is very small and due to being an open air area it becomes very cold at night and is difficult to dine in due to which the more preferable time to visit is till the evening if you want to stay away from the cold.

There can be issues regarding English to certain management and sometimes the food is not up to the regular mark that it should be, otherwise the place is quite decently rated.


There are 3 different locations of the restaurant you can opt for that suits you although all are located in Pittsburgh. The three different locations are in downtown, Northside and North hills.


There are different timings for different days. From Tuesday to Friday timings are between 11 30 am to 3pm and then 5pm to 9pm. On the rest of the days the morning timing us not available instead it’s just 5pm to 9pm.


There are three different addresses because there are 3 different locations 

  • 903 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh
  • 856  Western Ave, Pittsburgh
  • 1026 Mt. Nebo Rd, Pittsburgh

Contact details

Here are the details if you want to conatct the resturant 

  • Downtown (412) 471 Thai (8424)
  • Northside (412) 321 Thai (8424)
  • North Hills (412) 438 Thai (8424)

You can also contact through website.

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