Pittsburgh’s Homewood Cemetery Photo

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Pittsburgh’s Homewood Cemetery Photo


Pittsburgh is the home of the two most famous cemeteries i.e. Homewood cemetery founded in the year 1878 and is at a travel distance from The Frick Pittsburgh and the other one is Allegheny Cemetery opened in the year 1844 and shares its boundaries with the East End, Lawrenceville. Let’s discuss the Homewood cemetery.

The land of Pittsburgh cemetery was a part of East End estate that was owned by a judge William Wilkins and over time it multiplies in space. Furthermore, this cemetery is the last destination of Henry Frick and his family. And the final resting place of many people of the 19th century till now, as it is an active cemetery.


The above picture is of Homewood cemetery and in the above paragraph; I have briefly described its geographical location. Further, for our more ease, it is bordered by Frick Park and point breeze and is located in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh.

Historical Value

It is a lawn park cemetery that is formed as the result of the 19th-century movement. According to which, cemeteries were formed and they were more natural and uniform than predecessors eclectic rural cemeteries. Furthermore, this lawn park cemetery guideline provides a larger stone to the family lot and smaller stones to other family members with identical marks on them as shown in the picture below.

The earliest purchase in the Pittsburgh Homewood cemetery is of the family plot of frick’s. They bought the land in 1890 under section 14. In 1891, the frick (important family of Homewood cemetery) lost one of his daughter and a baby son in consecutive years of 1890 and 91. For many years they were the only member of frick’s family in the Homewood cemetery. Furthermore, the family stone the frick’s family was designed by Daniel Burnham. Daniel was one of the famous and well-skilled architecture and was overseeing Construction City.

Moreover, in the 1980’s earlier years Helen Clay Frick plays a vital role in modifying a lot of Frick’s family. He added the grave markers at an individual level and raised medallions. The medallions were raised in the memory of his wife and brother’s children from the ground level to their cradle. And in 1984 he also passed away.

In the Homewood Cemetery, Section 14, you will be able to find wealthy and well-known people of the Pittsburghers.  But the story does not end here. On further exploration of this area, you will find many famous, mystical, and unknown people.


Following is the list of a few famous memorials you will find in the Homewood cemetery.

  • Edward Vose Babcock
  • Howard Edmond Campbell
  • David Lytle “D.L.” Clark
  • Chuck Cooper
  • Matthew Anthony Dunn

Visiting Time:

Homewood cemetery is open for the public and allows people to visit this place. This factor helps the people to illuminate the lives of buried people there. In the spring and summer, its ground is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. And in the fall and winter, it opens from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. while in October gates get closed at 5:00 p.m.


In a nutshell, Homewood Cemetery is a historical and worth-visiting place.

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