Restaurant Review Franktuary Pittsburgh
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Restaurant Review Franktuary Pittsburgh


delicious and juicy poutine, hot dogs

Franktuary is an American style cuisine that offers delicious and juicy poutine, hot dogs, and cocktails. All of them are in a fascinating and splendid church-themed shape. They have the potential to keep the trust of the customers which they put into the restaurant regarding the ambiance and quality of food. Moreover, they provide healthier, sustainable, and tastier food to the customers. Their American style makes them distinguish and stand out in the crowd of diverse restaurants.


There are various factors which are offered by Franktuary and are considered as their specialties. Above all, is the signature Franks that includes New Yorker, Texan, Pittsburgh, and Reykjavik. All of them are distinct in their taste and spice level. Not only this, but you can also create your own Franks by choosing the meat, bun, and mustard of your own choices.

Franktuary Review - Unique Hot Dog Combination

Furthermore, they cut their fries from original and healthy potatoes. They provide special training to the kitchen staff and sever about the allergies. And they asked them to take the allergy food seriously, as it can worsen the condition of the client. The servers and chef try their best to maintain the ingredient and allergen guide to make sure that clients are safe and secure.

A regular/normal visit is arranged by the authorities of the company. They visit and interact with farmers and to stay up-to-date about the farm and farming practices. Moreover, a sausage and frankfurter vegan is sourced by the Franktuary that are highly made up of non-GMO soy.

Every Wednesday the Franktuary offers an open mic at night that starts from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Franktuary has evolved its services and timings over time. Let’s discuss their meal plans

  • Sunday Brunch

Every week Franktuary served the Sunday Brunch. And the time of Sunday brunch is 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Furthermore, regular Sunday is also available. And the timing of the regular Sunday meal is 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Dine-in and Other Possible Options:

Franktuary Pittsburgh Restaurant

Franktuary is well-known for its amazing and quality food and top-notch services. The thing that made them stand out in the crowd of other restaurants. The thing is the availability of dine-in, no-contact delivery, and takeaway services that obsessed the customers.

Food Rating:

The rating of Franktuary food is 4.0. And the service of the servers also falls into the same category of food that is 4.0 moreover, their value ranges to 3.5 with the same level of atmosphere. These all factors will collectively make the food and environment lavishing.

Location:Franktuary Restaurant is located in Pittsburgh, street no. 3810 butler, PA 15201, and in the United States.

This restaurant is located in Pittsburgh, street no. 3810 butler, PA 15201, and in the United States.

Health and Safety:

In this pandemic era, where everyone is suffering from Corona you need to make safety the first measure. You need to make sure of the following health measures. The staff requires a mask, staff, and the owner both need to wear a mask. Further, to inspect they check the temperature of the staff to avoid any bad situation.

Contact number:

Following is the contact number of Franktuary on which you can order amazing food. +1 412-586-7224


In a nutshell, choose the restaurants after doing complete research.

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