Restaurant Review Inka Grill Cusco Peru
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Restaurant Review Inka Grill Cusco Peru

Inka grill is a flagship restaurant located in Imperial city which has, for long been an inspiration for the country. People from different areas of the country come to visit this restaurant to enjoy authentic cuisines from all around the world. With a democratic, inclusive, innovative, and authentic approach to culinary, Inka grill offers are a great range of international cuisines along with the country’s Peruvian cuisine.

The menu of Inka grill has overtime gravitated towards comfort foods of the Peruvian cuisines, and today offers a great range of local and international cuisines.

Cuisines Being Offered at the Restaurant

Peruvian cuisines offered at Inka Grill Cusco Peru

There is a great range of international cuisines that are offered at the restaurant. These include South American, Spanish, Latin, and the country’s Peruvian cuisines.  Special diets are also offered for people who are selective in their tastes and preferences. For these people, the Inka grill offers Gluten-free, Vegan, and vegetarian-friendly options.

Specialties of the Restaurant

Inka Grill Cuisine

Located on the main square, Inka grill offers chef specialties that are made with the best flavors designed to perfection. Peruvian specialties remain on top of the list, as customers enjoy this local cuisine the most, among other international cuisines. Some of the specialties of the restaurant include:

  • Jalapeno steak
  • Beef hearts
  • Papa a la Huancaina
  • Aiji de Gallinas
  • Alpaca roast beef sandwich
  • Papa Amarilla
  • Pesto gnocchi
  • Guinea pig

Meals Offered

Inka Grill Cusco Restaurant

The restaurant offers its special meals at different timings. It offers meals for lunch, dinner, drinks, brunch, and late-night meals. The menus differ based on the time and the great variety of dishes according to these times can be seen on the site of the restaurant.

Restaurant Food Options

Inka grill offers food take-away, Dine-in, and delivery options. You can visit the restaurant, get the food delivered to your home, or take-away the food from the restaurant.

Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Review Inka Grill Cusco Peru

  • Food reviews: 4.5
  • Service: 4.5
  • Value: 4
  • Atmosphere: 4.5
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Peruvian cuisine is a specialty at Inka grill. The location is easy to reach, and the restaurant is beautifully decorated with an elegant interior. With proper seating, television, private dining, free Wi-Fi, and table services, enjoy an amazing interior setting with the best tasting foods available in the country. The atmosphere is very decent and entertaining. The food services are great, and the restaurant is reasonably priced regarding the flavor of the food.

Restaurant Locations

Inka restaurant is located on the corner of the Plaza de Armas, in the main square near Calle Palteros, Cusco, Peru.

Restaurant Timings

The opening hours of the restaurant are 11;00 to 23;00 the whole week, Monday to Sunday. The hours for lunch and dinner are:

  • Lunch hours: 11;00am to 3;00pm
  • Dinner hours: 3;00pm to 10;00pm


Inka grill is in Cusco Peru. The direct of the restaurant address is Portal de Panes 115, Plaza de Armas, Cusco, Peru.

Contact of the Restaurant

You can contact the restaurant through their email and the phone number is given below.


Phone number: 540-566-4655

The Average Price Range

The average price range of the restaurant falls between 29.16 PEN – 145.74 PEN (7.97 USD – 39.83 USD).

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