Restaurant Review Piccolo Forno
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Restaurant Review Piccolo Forno

Piccolo Forno is a splendid Italian Tuscan restaurant, and its sole aim is to satisfy the cravings of customers by serving top-notch food. They established this Italian restaurant in  2005. Moreover, they focus on serving the best quality food made up of clean seasonal components. Their sizzling menu has the potential to grab the attention of customers as they include diverse rustic and simple cuisine. 


Piccolo Forno has splendid Italian, Pizza, Tuscan, and Central-Italian cuisines that purely reflect tradition and simplicity.


It is an Italian-based restaurant, and their services are very customer friendly. Piccolo Forno always keeps their customer first. By keeping in view the choices and diverse tastes, they also offer vegan options, Gluten-free options, and vegetarian friendly. And this makes them stand out in the crowd of other restaurants.

Restaurant Review Piccolo Forno


They have scheduled their meal timings according to their customer demands and preferences. Most of the time, people prefer to take their menu dishes for lunch and dinner. So, they deal with the meals of lunch, dinner, and late-night, which perfectly suit them and the customers. 

Restaurant Review Piccolo Forno

Dine in/Delivery/ take-away

Because of the COVID-19 situation dine-in option is only available till 25th November. Although, it’s a crucial time both for the people as this virus is engulfing thousands of people on a daily basis. So, Piccolo Forno cares about the health and safety of the customer’s community and staff, so after the 25th only a takeout option is available. Moreover, in take out option, you have access to the full menu you can take whatever you want! 

And for the convenience of customers, they have introduced family-style meals. This initiative will encourage people to eat at home.

Furthermore, when you pay the bill over the phone for contactless pickup order or directly pay the bill, in this way you avoid the fees of a third party. Not only this, but also 100% of the payment paid by you and the tip directly goes to Piccolo Forno and its staff. And they keep updated their customers by posting on their official website and social media pages.  ( This is entirely written in covid perspective which is good but also make it about pre-covid general purposes services) 

Long story short, they offer takeout, wheelchair accessible, BYOB, Reservations, Table Service, Seating, and Outdoor Seating.


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Food rating

Food rating is basically given by the customers according to the quality of food and a few other things. So, according to Google reviews, they have an average 4.6 rating. ( too generic, you are not researching properly, tell about each type of rating individually like rood, service, value etc) 


The average rating which Piccolo Forno got from their customers on service, value, and atmosphere is 4/5. Service is purely based on the attitude of waiters and their serving pattern.



3801 Butler st Pittsburgh, PA 15201



12 p.m.—9 p.m.

Closing days: Monday and Sunday.

Contact details


Average meal price

Piccolo Forno offers food items ranging from $3.50 to $17. In their menu, they include ANTIPASTI, ZUPPE DEL GIORNO, INSALATE, PIZZE, PANINI, PASTA, and DOLCI. All of them are available, all very delicious and available at budget-friendly prices.

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