Restaurant Review Round Corner Cantina
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Restaurant Review Round Corner Cantina

Round Corner Cantina is a restaurant based on a summer theme and you will find it a perfect summer environment whenever you go there.


The main food that the restaurant serves is fast food which is Mexican and South Western, like majorly tacos, burritos, and some other snacks. Round Corner Cantina has a huge variety of tacos and burritos to choose from. For starters and snacks, you can get platters, chips, and other things. Whereas burritos and tacos are the major attraction. Besides these, there are other party foods and a wide variety of drinks as well, including margaritas and many others.


The specialty of the restaurant includes tacos and drinks which include tequila and margarita. But due to certain reasons some specials are not available at the moment but will be available soon. 

Meals offered

The meal that you eat from Round Corner Cantina is mainly lunch, brunch, dinner, and late-night drinks. So it is better if you visit it in the evening or at night especially late at night if you are out for some drinks.

Service Options

There are a few service options that can be opted for. These include ordering your food online as well as enjoying the ambiance of the restaurant by opting for dine-in. You can also order food and take it away. Overall, the restaurant provides plenty of options for dining or ordering food. Outdoor dining is also available due to current circumstances.

Average meal prices

The prices are dependent on the meal you prefer to eat. The main courses are burritos and tacos which are priced somewhere between 11$ to 30$. These price ranges include all the drinks and the food that is available at the restaurant.

Inside view of Round Corner Cantina


The restaurant has pretty mixed reviews. Some people absolutely love it and some not so much. The burritos are a hit though. There are certain issues regarding the behavior of staff and other management. The atmosphere is rated very highly with a nice ambiance and the perfect time to visit it is in the summer. Overall the restaurant has been rated three and a half stars based on the reviews of food and atmosphere.

Location and Address

The Round Corner Cantina is located in the state of Pennsylvania. The exact address is 3720 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. This address is very easy to find and to get to.


The restaurant is open through 7 days of the week. But the timings alternate for the weekends and the weekdays. On weekdays the timing is between 4 pm to 10 pm and on weekends it is 1 pm to 10 pm.

Contact details

You can contact the restaurant using their social sites. The email address to contact is You can also contact Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The call number to contact is +1 412-904-2279. 

This is the review of Round Corner Cantina which you can read before visiting so you can decide if you want to visit the restaurant and what to order there. 

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