Restaurant Review Stone House Inn
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Restaurant Review Stone House Inn

The details about the Stone House Inn are given below:

Location and Address

The Stone House Inn is located in the United States of America. To be more specific it is located in Farmington. The exact address is 3023, National Pike, Farmington.


The regular timings for the restaurant on weekdays are from 4 to 9 pm. On weekends the timings shifts to 11 am in the morning to 9 pm in the night.


In case of any queries or bookings at the restaurant, you can contact them. To contact the Stone House Inn restaurant, you can either call them or mail them on what you prefer. You can mail at or call at 724-329-8876. You can also reach out to them via their website.


American cuisine

The main type of good that the restaurant offers is American cuisine. This includes varieties of steaks, sandwiches, and other stuff like sides including fries, drinks, etc. They also offer BBQ but only from Friday to Sunday between 11 am to 6 pm.


Stone House Inn Meals

The meal type is more of casual dining. Mostly fast food is offered so you can just casually come to the place eat your lunch or dinner or an evening snack and have a couple of drinks. So you can visit during any time of the opening hours when you are craving for something American. 


beef steak

The restaurant offers a variety of American food but the specialty is steaks. There is a special steak of the day daily which is special and specific for each day of the week. You can get it at a market price and select your steak and get it grilled fresh

Average Meal Price

The meal prices range from 4 dollars at the minimum to 20 dollars at maximum. On average, you can get a good full meal at around 8 to 10 dollars depending on what you eat. If you go for a fancier meal like the signature steaks they will cost you around 14 dollars and additional if you order sides or drinks along.

Serving Methods

The restaurant offers a dining-in option which has been rated very decent by the people who have visited it and have defined the overall atmosphere as pretty good. It also offers to take away option for your food. Currently, the restaurant is closed and will open on the 1st of April.


The Stone House Inn has good average reviews overall. They are known among people for their great sandwiches and steaks. The atmosphere provides a nice historically restored vibe and the food in most cases is above average. It is definitely a recommendable place to the people who are a fan of the historical theme of the restaurant and are into American food as the steaks and others are quite good. This was a brief review and details about the Stone Hill inn located in America and is one of the top places to eat in Farmington.

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