Southern City Smackdown New Orleans vs Savannah

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Southern City Smackdown New Orleans vs Savannah

In America, there may be numerous beautiful cities but Charleston and Savannah are the two just that have no comparison. With their proximity and historic appeal of these two, there is bound to be a comparison. If you are planning your next tour to America and cannot decide which of the two to visit, let us have a Charleston to Savannah smackdown!

Location Details


Charleston city is located in South-eastern South Carolina. As a major port on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, Charleston city is a wonderful depiction of southern culture and an urban sprawl of a city because of its populous locations of Hanahan, Goose Creek, North Charleston, and Mount Pleasant. Positioned between Cooper and Ashley rivers, the city is located on a peninsula. This settlement was established in 1960 by English colonists. It has become a major commercial center for trade in a range of products, particularly indigo and rice.


Savannah is a city in the United State of Georgia that came into being in 1733, situated on the Savannah River. Savannah is an industrial city on the Atlantic seaport. As Georgia’s fifth-largest city, Savannah has a population of 144,464. Savannah is a famous tourist attraction with streets, parks, cobblestone streets, historical buildings, and much more to see.  

Charleston vs. Savannah

Architecture, History, and Tourist Attractions

Charleston and Savannah, both are stunning locations to visit if you are a history lover and have a taste for architecture and beauty.

Charleston’s Historic District has numerous significant sites and places to visit, including the French Quarters, the Exchange & Provost Dungeon, Old Slave Mart Museum, and much more. Traveling to The Battery, a fortified seawall, you can get a look at picturesque homes. Among other such sites is the renowned Fort Sumter National Monument. With all that Charleston has to offer, it is a treasure for tourists who desire a blend of history and architecture.

Savannah, on the other hand, has no less to offer. It is a marvelous sight to behold with its public squares and parks. The Green-Meldrim House, Savannah Theatre, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, among other such tourist spots, all make for a memorable visit to America. Grab a camera and capture the unique sites that Savannah has to offer.

Cuisine and Nightlife

Charleston is recognized as one of the world-renowned food destinations with its top-rated restaurants. Restaurants like the Husk, 82 Queen, and al fresco, are among the award-winning restaurants

Savannah, although not as well-known as Charleston for its cuisine, is developing in terms of its food options. With the opening of The Grey in the former Greyhound bus station, it has taken a boost.

Parks and Beaches

Both Charleston and Savannah have many beautiful parks to offer, there are also beaches and islands that are bound to attract tourist attractions. Charleston is recognized for its sandy beaches while Savannah has some of the most stunning parks.

Charleston or Savannah?


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While both cities have numerous wonderful experiences to offer their tourists, one of the two to visit depends on one preference of activities. For those who desire beaches, coupled with mouth-watering cuisines, and historical sites, Charleston is the place to visit. For fans of architecture and lush parks, Savannah is the right choice!

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