9 Most Desired Cities in The World to Live Abroad

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9 Most Desired Cities in The World to Live Abroad

Many of us have dreamt of living abroad once, if not more, in our lives. Yet, such changes are not easy to accept and move. Such changes bring anxiety since we need to change and adjust our routines after leaving our native country. Regardless of how hard it seems, the experience of living abroad is fulfilling and rewarding at the same time.

The change wouldn’t be as challenging if you chose a favorable country with the best facilities. When searching for the best city to live in, there are many things to consider, like the size, climate, activities, culture, and much more.

If you’re planning to live abroad, we’re here to help you find some of the most desired cities to live abroad. Let’s dive into the details.

Most Desirable Cities to Live Abroad

While it is not an easy job to find the best city to live in abroad, we have compiled a list of the best options for you. Let’s have a look.

1.   Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Edinburgh is a populous, fascinating city, home to many ancient castles and streets, and it has a rich Georgian architectural history. Besides that, you can experience the fantastic nightlife, shopping, perfect establishments, and a calm and serene atmosphere. The suburbs, in particular, are more friendly and cozy.

Edinburgh is a sophisticated city when it comes to food. It hosts top-class restaurants and good food services. Shortbread and scones are famous in the city.

The residents of Edinburgh take pride in themselves and their country, which is a medical, scientific, and social research hub.

The language and dialect of Edinburgh can be a little hard to understand at first, but as you dive into the culture, you’ll get the hang of it with time.

Regardless of the good things here, the weather isn’t the best, but rather the same as in the other parts of the UK; short summers with pleasant sunny days, and winter is not too harsh. Rain is common throughout the year as well.

Regarding cost, Edinburgh can be a relatively expensive city but somehow cheaper than some. The expenses include rental fees, council tax, bills, meals, transportation, etc.

Edinburgh also hosts some popular schools for primary and secondary education. The city has around six universities, some of which are renowned worldwide.


GDP $33 Billion
GDP per Capita $58,000
Population 527, 620
Climate Maritime Climate, 48 Degree annual temperature


2.   Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, offering more than a low living cost. If you plan to live here, you’ll get the lifestyle. Istanbul hosts popular tourist attractions and gives a taste of the West. With 39 districts and multiple neighborhoods, you can select a suitable place.

The city is also a great place to set up a career for which you’ll need a work permit. Foreigners cannot work in specific industries like the healthcare, maritime, or law industries, so get acquainted with the job opportunities beforehand.

With Turkey’s large size, it has multiple climate zones, with Istanbul at the Mediterranean borderline. July and August are the hot months with rain between December and February. You also experience snowfall in these months. Overall, the weather is pleasant and bearable.

Istanbul hosts an immersive and friendly social community, making it an excellent place to settle. Expats residing in Turkey don’t speak Turkish, and with Istanbul being a top tourist place, you” find a variety of languages being used here like German, Russian, English, and Chinese. So, don’t worry much about speaking Turkish.

With the high exchange rates, Istanbul is flexible in terms of costs; you’ll find ways to save money.

Multiple international schools in the city and various universities offer international degrees. The instruction languages of the education system include French, Russian, Turkish, and English.


Population 84.3 Million
GDP $2.5 Trillion
Unemployment 13.9%
Climate Transitional Mediterranean

3.   Rome, Italy

Rome. Italy’s capital is, without doubt, a fantastic city to live in with its rich and vast culture and history. People in Rome are friendly and welcoming; the atmosphere is also family oriented. So, you may be invited for some home-cooked meals with locals to settle in.

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The language barrier exists here, but many locals speak English well. Yet you can always spend some time learning a few Italian phrases as it’ll make things easier for you.

The healthcare system in Rome is also pretty commendable because the ex-pats are welcomed with an excellent public healthcare system with qualified doctors and hospitals. With a great range of options, some prefer to mix public and private healthcare options at best.

Will the age of 16, public schooling is free in Italy, after which parents pay an enrolment fee, much negligible. The education system in Rome is excellent, with multiple international schools and institutions, yet the price can be a little high.

With Rome’s extensive public transport system, you won’t have many difficulties with transport; the metro, trams, and busses are good transport options for people here.

Italian food is popular here in Rome, and you’re surely up for a treat. While Rome isn’t very cheap in terms of living, the city’s stable economy pays off the price.

The job market in Rome is pretty competitive, so you’ll need to work hard to get settled here. Learning Italian can give you an edge over your competitors in securing a job here.


Population 2.873 Million
GDP 163.14 Billion Euros
Climate Mediterranean Climate


4.   Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a cosmopolitan and modern city in the UAE; it is a beautiful place to move to with its vast job opportunities and luxury lifestyle. It embraces the vibrance of this century, rapidly growing to cater to modern needs.

Dubai is an Islamic emirate, so Islam is practiced at every step. The order or priority must be religion, family, and country. While Dubai is an Islamic Emirate, it also welcomes other faiths. Arabs are very gracious and kind people who don’t want anyone to face loss, so they’ll do their best to accommodate you well.

You can easily rent a property for accommodation in one of the city’s sections. Dubai Marina, Deira, Jumeirah, Al Wasl are some options.

Dubai has a rapidly-growing economy with multiple job opportunities for career advancement. You can take advantage of the never-ending job opportunities and easily find a suitable job here to grow your income.

With people in Dubai being generally friendly, English is widely spoken, so you won’t face many language issues.

Fast-food and local food options are endless, with food, groceries, office supplies, and almost anything delivered to your doorstep.

With Dubai’s public transport system, traveling in the city won’t be much of an issue. Dubai Metro is an affordable and clean way to move around the city.


Population 3.5 Million
GDP 425.00 USD Billion
Climate Hot Desert Climate


5.   London, United Kingdom

London is a fairly popular destination for living abroad as it hosts a rich history, multiple activities, modern transport and infrastructure, and many job opportunities. Moreover, population diversity also plays a significant role in making this city a popular destination.

London is a hustling bustling destination in terms of its job opportunities. With many popular multinational companies setting a base here, career progression is highly possible in different areas like technology, finance, etc. Yet, the market is very competitive, so you’ll need to make your place here.

People love London for its modern art, sports, live music, medieval history, and eclectic food. With so many opportunities to indulge in, it hardly gets boring here.

While living in London is reasonably expensive, ex-pats explore the multiple ways to save money here. The price is undoubtedly paid off with the luxurious living style of the city and its vast range of opportunities.

London’s national health service system is a beautiful asset for ex-pats living in the country as they can access NHS with little or no cost. The healthcare costs in London are kept at a minimum, serving as a great advantage.

With accommodation, London offers multiple opportunities for properties for ex-pats, whether it’s a modern apartment with city views or a terraced house. Alternatively, you can rent a rental apartment; the prices are relatively stable.

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London’s transport systems are very convenient and extensive. Tubes and buses can safely take you anywhere in the city.

The education system here is also pretty good, with ex-pat children having access to free public education; those who speak English or have the potential to pick the language.


Population 9,541,000
Climate Equitable South East England Climate, Temperate summers and mild winters
GDP 2.2 Trillion British Pounds


6.   New York City, United States

New York City is yet another popular destination for living abroad; a perfect place to live, with multiple cultures, rich history, and an enjoyable lifestyle. The city holds a legendary status with many cultural marvels like the Statue of Liberty and Broadway. Expats living here can explore the beauty and culture of the city in depth and detail.

With New York being the most popular city in the USA, accommodation is often expensive and relatively small. Buying real estate is pretty costly, with rental costs high as well.

With its top-class and modern facilities, New York City is an expensive city to live in, but if you’re ready to pay the price, you can explore the city in all its fame and utilize its top-notch facilities.

The city has a 24/7 subway with 400 stations so getting around the city is pretty straightforward. It also has a well-integrated public transport system.

Regarding work here, New York City is amongst the top financial centers in the world, with all kinds of multinational companies. With multiple job opportunities here, you can find the one that suits you; but watch out for competition.

Education in the city in the public sector is free, and if you’re living in a good district, you can expect good-quality education. The city hosts many international private schools as well.

The Healthcare system in New Your City, though expensive, is top-class with cutting-edge facilities. It’s excellent for those who can afford the expenses.


Population 18,867,000
GDP $1.9 Trillion
Climate Humid Subtropical Climate

7.   Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a famous designation for residence for people around the globe. Its rich culture and history make it an ideal place to live in. Prague has a moderate climate throughout the year, with warm summers and cold winters. Winters can sometimes be harsh, with temperatures reaching below freezing. But as temperatures get a little warmer, you can trip outdoors through the city.

Accommodation in Prague is similar to the other European countries, a little higher as it’s the capital. Yet, the rental prices are relatively stable. With Prague’s ideal location, the center of the diverse and rich culture, ex-pats will always get a good return for their money.

The social atmosphere of the city is pretty diverse because of the tourist influx. You’ll find many bars, restaurants, and clubs to choose from.

Regarding work here, ex-pats often prefer working in the sectors of education, financial services, information technology, hospitality, and trade. Prague has the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, with a competitive job market. Moreover, ex-pats are paid off pretty well compared to locals.

Accommodation in the city is pretty affordable, with people finding the best budget to suit their needs.

With the city’s well-developed transport system, ex-pats can quickly get around the city and even explore the neighboring countries.

Compared with European countries, Prague has a low living cost, though it’s becoming more expensive recently.

Prague offers an excellent standard of education for children in the private, international, and public sectors. Czech is the instruction language for public schools, so ex-pats prefer bilingual or international schools.


Population 1,318,000
GDP 243.00 USD Billion
Climate Ocean Climate, humid continental influence


8.   Miami, United States

Miami is another famed city when it comes to a living destination. It’s popularly known for its nightlife and beaches. With plenty of amenities and job opportunities, Miami is a fantastic place to live! The city is also known as the magic city and the Capital of Latin America because of its fame.

Living costs in Miami are relatively low, with low taxes and several tax exemptions. Yet, accommodation costs are a bit higher but are compensated with its luxurious lifestyle. Healthcare in Miami is also relatively expensive.

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For work, Miami is, no doubt, one of the best places to work in America. The city welcomes people from multiple cultures and provides opportunities for growth and compensation.

Miami is home to a perfect lifestyle with endless opportunities for activities in the outdoors, like dog walking, yoga, jogging, gyms, sports, and barbecues. The nightlife in the city is fantastic, and ex-pats love the rich food culture here. The Cuban sandwich is a popular dish here, found in most restaurants.

The weather in Miami is humid and hot and becomes a little overwhelming in summer. Staying in the shade is your best bet and stay away from spiders, bugs, or other insects.


Population 6,215,000
GDP $288 Billion
Climate Tropical Monsoon Climate

9.   Toronto, Canada

Toronto is Canada’s largest city hosting a welcoming environment and cultural diversity, making it a perfect place to live. Toronto is at the heart of the country, with its multiple banking, business, finance, aerospace, communications, IT, and media opportunities.

Toronto hosts a great range of neighborhoods, each distinctive in style, architecture, and character. With the diversity, you can easily find a place that matches your budget and taste. The rental costs here can be a little expensive.

This city is an ideal place for starting a business career. The financial sector takes in around 200,000 people in different business sectors. The startup scene in Toronto is robust, so you can easily set up your business here ot get a job.

With a highly-efficient public transport system, every suburb and area is connected throughout the city, making traveling convenient. Yet, public transport can be a hassle with the traffic congestion in the area.

Toronto offers multiple high-standard education and schooling opportunities for ex-pats and residents with work permits – the education is free of cost.

The Healthcare system in Toronto extends to all the residents with the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. A certain percentage is deducted from the salaries to compensate for the healthcare. Yet, ex-pats without residence permits will need to rely on their private insurance plans.

Living costs in the city are relatively higher than in other Canadian cities, including rent and utilities.

The city’s climate is milder and much more enjoyable than other cities, with cooler winters and humid and hot summers. Rainfall is also received throughout the year. Expats coming here can enjoy a rich and safe living style.


Population 6,313,000
GDP $158.7 (Toronto City), $336.7 (Toronto region)
Climate Continental Climate

10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, hosts a diverse array of cultures, welcoming ex-pats from all over the world to join in the city’s fascinating culture and vibrant living.

Living here is relatively higher than in other Malaysian cities, but the luxurious lifestyle covers these costs. For everyday living, the prices for ex-pats are affordable with higher living standards. With its popularity growing, the city hosts spacious, modern buildings with open living areas.

The city has a sound transport system with connections through buses and trains. The healthcare system is commendable, with expert medical staff and affordable healthcare facilities.

The climate in Kuala Lumpur, in general, is tropical, with monsoons bringing seasonal rainfall that may lead to solid gusts and flash floods. The temperatures are relatively warmer, so those from cooler countries must adjust to the weather.

In general, Kuala Lumpur is a perfect destination, welcoming people with a high living standard and rich culture with excellent education facilities and comfortable living.


Population 8,420,000
GDP $50 Billion
Climate Tropical Rainforest Climate – humid, hot, and sunny, with plentiful rainfall.

Final Words

You have an endless list of options regarding the best and most desirable places to live abroad. Yet, you must find a place that suits your comfort level, budget, requirements, education needs, business setup, and much more. We’ve compiled a list of the best cities to live in abroad, and we hope it helps you in your search!

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