The tourist’s UK travel guide (excluding London!)
- March
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The tourist’s UK travel guide (excluding London!)

It was once the only destination apparently worth visiting. Now, perhaps through the events of 2020, it would be fair to say that holiday trends have turned on their head in the UK.

There are now plenty of other options on the table. While London will always be a tourist hotspot, it would be fair to say that many holidaymakers have realized that other areas in the country have more than enough pulling power – if they are used shrewdly.

This is the purpose of today’s guide. We’re now going to take a look at some top tips that you should consider if you are looking at options, aside from London, as you prepare for a UK holiday.

Not everywhere is stereotypically ‘tourist-friendly’

If you have visited London before, one thing you will have noticed is the incredibly tourist-friendly nature of the city. This should not come as a surprise; after all, it’s one of the world’s largest cities (and a capital one, at that).

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As you start to venture around the UK, you may begin to notice a difference. Some of these will be stronger than others and will very much depend on your background. For example, while some signs might be translated in London for other popular languages, the same is less likely in other parts of the UK.

It can even cypher through to something like dining times. London dines slightly earlier than the rest of the continent anyway, but these timings can slip back considerably when it comes to other parts of the UK. For example, some restaurants will start to turn new customers away before 10pm, which can naturally leave some plans in tatters.

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As such, there will be cultural differences – but it’s up to you on how you take them.

Reconsider your budgets

One of the great benefits of venturing outside of the capital is that you can now reassess your budgets. While it is no longer the most expensive, London still typically costs a pretty penny to explore and stay in. In other parts of the country, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Sure, some cities arrive at a heftier premium than others, but on the whole, you will save money if you direct your travel plans to other regions of the UK. It’s then up to you whether you want to upgrade your trip from a 4* occasion to a 5* one, or simply bank the money and have an overall cheaper getaway.

Peak travel periods can be stronger in some areas

You might notice the higher prices in other areas of the country when it comes to the peak school holiday dates. Many families like to head off to the countryside during this time of the year, which can send the cost of accommodation soaring. These are costs which aren’t always reflected in the capital, as there are far too many moving parts and school children make up a small proportion of the city’s tourists. However, it’s something to be aware of if you change your plans to other parts of the country.

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