Tiana’s Place Aboard the Disney Wonder
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Tiana’s Place Aboard the Disney Wonder

Disney Wonder cruise ship is on the list of many people who visit the country. If you are going with Disney cruise line to Disney wonder, you will have the chance to visit Tiana’s place, the modern rotational dining restaurant added to Disney wonder. You will enjoy the ride and have an amazing experience. Before sailing on that ship, read this article to know more about Tiana’s place.

What is Tiana’s Place?

Tiana's Place

Tiana’s place came to Disney world in the November of 2016, being one of the main rotational dining restaurants present on the ship. Replacing the Parrot Cay, it mimics the venue of “The Princess and the Frog”, a famous Disney film. Tiana’s place is known for its lively atmosphere, surrounded by Fat Tuesday beads and Faux French balconies. On your entrance, you get to meet Tiana herself dressed in a sleek and elegant 20’s style ensemble.

If you have ever watched the famous Disney film, “The princess and the frog”, then you must know that having her restaurant in New Orleans, her home city, was Tiana’s dream. What is the name of the restaurant? Tiana’s place. So, you enter the Disney princess restaurant! Tiana’s place is then a perfectly Disney movie-inspired restaurant that offers the best food with ideal entertainment.

Where is it Located?

Tiana's Place is Located in New Orleans

Tiana’s place is in the New Orleans supper club and has taken place of the former Parrot Cay. The “Princess and the frog” themed restaurant is present on Disney wonder.

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What Does Tiana’s Place Offer?

Tiana’s place offers you a wonderful ambiance and the perfect representation of the famous Disney movie “The Princess and the frog”. The restaurant offers an adventurous insight with the New Orleans-themed dishes. Accompanied with live music, further entertained by Tiana’s performance, Tiana’s place is a true entertainment for the family.

Meals Being Offered at Tiana’s Place

Meals offered at Tiana’s place

The meals offered at Tiana’s place are inspired by the authentic New Orleans cuisine with appetizers round, soup and salads, Entrees, vegetable entrees, and finally desserts. Some of the famous dishes include boudin sausage fritters, seafood pepper pot, Cajun-spiced sea bass, pasta, and prime ribs. In desserts, the famous ones are buttermilk beignets, chocolate bread puddings, and pecan tarts with caramel bourbon sauce. Adults can enjoy with a themed cocktail and non-
alcoholic cocktails are also offered for kids.

Review of Tiana’s Place

Review of Tiana’s Place

Tiana’s place is reviewed as being spot-on beautiful with a perfect representation of the themed movie. The music in the background is lively and entertaining as a family meal is enjoyed. The parade is fun to watch and the customers are perfectly set to match the ones in the movie. Being more adventurous than others, the food offered is amazing. The desserts are one thing that customers enjoy the most.

With live music and the great flavors of New Orleans, you will surely enjoy a beautiful time in this Disney movie-themed restaurant. While it is a beautiful place to enjoy family time, customers feel that the music is sometimes loud, making it hard to converse and communicate. Nonetheless, if you are looking for perfect food, combined with a perfect ambiance, Tiana’s place is the perfect restaurant for you!

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