Top Hotels Near Dubai World Trade Center

– November
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Top Hotels Near Dubai World Trade Center

Dubai acts as one of the biggest investment point of the entire world. From its enormous skyscrapers to its beaches, it is one of the most popular business as well as tourist location.

Dubai also hosts the World Trade Center, This is visited by many people. The main purpose of the building is to run exhibitions and large scale meetings related to business ideas and other stuff. Many accomplished business personalities visit Dubai’s world trade center for arranging business exhibitions and other large scaled events. Similarly, Dubai has many other skyscrapers that have many hotels. SO people who come for meetings in the world trade center are required to stay in Dubai for some time for which they need a decent hotel. There are many hotels near world trade center that can be selected by the people. Some of these best hotels are:

VOCO Dubai an IHG Hotel

This hotel is located just 0.4 km away from world trade center and is in one of the most prime locations you can ask for. This a 5 star hotel which is going to provide you the luxury and comfort you ask for. Apart from having great rooms, this hotel also has large meeting halls, pools and even four different restaurants.

Rove Trade Center

Rove trade center is located just 0.6 km away from the world trade center. It is located on the brink of the new and old Dubai which makes it a perfect location for both visiting tourists as well as people who are there for some business purpose.

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Ascot Park Place Dubai

It is located around 0.3 km from world trade center and is a prime location of Sheikh Zayed road. It is a great hotel if you have family along with you as it has very spacy rooms that offer great features and a fully loaded kitchen. Along with this free parking, swimming pool, a beautiful gym and a sauna are some prominent places of the hotel.

Conrad Dubai

Conrad Dubai is located at the best possible location from the world trade center and is just 0.1 km away from it. It has beautiful rooms and great views of the city of Dubai. Moreover the food is brilliant and has many different cuisines from all over the world. It is walking distance from world trade center and also very close to the airport.

Jumeirah Emirates Tower

Out of all the above hotels this is the farthest away from the world trade center but still very close. It is around 0.9 km away from the trade center and is definitely one of the most suggested and best hotels you can opt for. It has views in clouds as it is 56 stories high.  It is one of the most recommended hotels in the entire of Dubai because of the great rooms and other available facilities which include spa, pool and a great gym. It also offers great food with a coffee machine and a bar as well.

This was a list of all the top hotels near world trade center which might help you select the best one.

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