Torrijas Spanish French Toast Spain
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Torrijas Spanish French Toast Spain

Torrijas is a dessert made of milk, bread and eggs. 

General Introduction

Torrijas have the same nature as French toast and bread pudding. They are their regional flair and their origin makes them a traditional dish. Torrija is milk dipped slice of bread and is sweet. Torrija is the must dessert during Easter in Spain. You can buy torrijas from any local bakeries and restaurants in Spain. However, some people prefer to make them their own by a simple recipe and enjoy eating them with the best coffee


To make Torrijas, you would need

– 1 cinnamon stick

– Cinnamon powder

– Powdered sugar

– Extra virgin olive oil

– Orange and lemon peel

– 2 to 3 eggs

– One-day old bread

– 1-liter milk

Torrijas spanish french toast spain

Recipe/ Cooking Process

Below mentioned is the simple recipe of Torrijas:

1- Cut the bread in form of slices and make sure that the slices remain 2.5 centimeters.

2- Peel some fresh orange and lemon

3- Mix the milk with orange and lemon peel and cinnamon stick and soak bread in it for about four hours.

4- Dip the soaked bread in well-beaten eggs

5- Pre-heat oil in a 1-inch pan and carefully deep fry the bread slices. Don’t turn the side over until it’s cooked and golden brown.  

6- Make sure to dry extra oil by putting the bread on a paper towel. 

7- Mix sugar and cinnamon powder. 

8- Sprinkle cinnamon powder and sugar on the slices. 

Average Cost Per Serving

The average cost per serving of toast in Spanish is approximately $3. 

Cooking Time

The cooking time of torrijas Spanish French toast overall is 5 hours and 5 minutes which includes a preparation time of 45 minutes, a cook time of 20 minutes, and an additional 4 hours. 

Torrijas spanish french toast spain


The Torrijas Spanish French toast has a wildly uncertain origin and its first recipe was found in the 5th century. Until now there are many similar recipes available. The recipe of the torrijas is somehow similar to the French toast and it was invented in Spain hundreds of years ago from now. The sugar and cinnamon are its special ingredients. This recipe is also related to the two most important Spanish pillars, Catholic Church and Women. It is also observed that during the 15th century, this calorific dessert was given to women in their pregnancy because at that time the Catholic Church believed that egg is the sign of creation and anything that contains egg as an ingredient would be beneficial and healthy for the mother to be. This is why the Torrijas were considered to be of great importance by the Catholic Church for pregnant women. They used to give these to them even after pregnancy to make sure that the nutrients can be completely replenished which may have lost during pregnancy. 

Moreover, for many centuries, Torrijas Spanish French toasts were considered a cheap way of getting extra calories. They are also considered appropriate to be made during lent because of their simplicity. 

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