Umami Pittsburgh Restaurant Review

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Umami Pittsburgh Restaurant Review

The umami Pittsburgh restaurant is situated at the Lawrenceville Pittsburgh. This restaurant is the #2 Japanese restaurants in Pittsburgh and offers a wide range of Japanese dinner menu. You need to make online reservations to avoid any inconvenience for dining in the restaurant.


The umami Pittsburgh restaurant offers a wide range of Japanese street food mixed with new dedicated Umami flavors.


Umami Pittsburgh restaurant basically specializes in Japanese street foods but its most famous foods include:

  • Kushiage de Queso
  • Yakitori de Res
  • Yakimeshi Umami
  • Umami Roll


The Umami Pittsburgh restaurant specializes in Japanese street foods. There is variety of dinner menu for the customers to enjoy. There is karaage, pork gyoza, veggie gyoza, Takoyaki, Shrimp Tempura, Chawanmushi, Tuna Tataki, Edamame, Yaki Udon, Okonomiyaki, Shio Ramen, Miso Ramen and Miso Soup under the menu Yatai. In Robata, there is chicken thigh, wagyu beef, bacon and quail egg, brussel sprouts, pork belly, shrimp and chicken skin. There is a variety of sushi plates too. In sashimi, there is sake, Akami maguro, Suzuki striped bass and hirame.  There is also a range of rice balls in different price options including the spicy tuna, and oshinko. In the course of happy endings, there is tiyaki with an icecream serving. Umami shoyu is the main ingredient of its foods.

Dine in? Delivery? Takeaway?

The umami Pittsburgh restaurant provides you the online reservation service. Moreover you can get the food delivered at your doorstep and enjoy the delicious Japanese cuisine at your home. You can also opt for take away by placing pre-orders online or through a phone call. Reservations in the restaurant can be made online or through phone call in business hours.

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Ratings food? service? Value? Atmosphere?

The food at umami Pittsburgh is so tasty and is presented in a very well manner. It’s food has a five star rating. However the staff at the restaurant is so polite and customer friendly and their order never get late so there are four stars for the service at this restaurant. The soothing atmosphere of the restaurant makes your dinner even more special so it also gets four stars.


The Umami Pittsburgh Restaurant is currently working from a single location and that is Lawrenceville Pittsburgh.


The restaurant is opened from Tuesday to Saturday. However the restaurant remains closed on Mondays and Sundays. Dine in timings from Tuesday to Saturday is from 5PM to 10PM. The restaurant doesn’t take any call after 9:30PM so you can make your orders before that.


The umami Pittsburgh restaurant is located in Lawrenceville Pittsburgh. Its address is:

202 38th 3rd Floor (Side door)
Pittsburgh, PA — 15201

Contact details

You can make reservations online or by making telephone calls. Moreover the restaurant also provides take away and delivery services. For further details and queries, you can contact 412 224-2354.

Average meal Price

The meal price may vary in different items at the umami Pittsburgh restaurant but the average meal price ranges from $5 to $10.

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