Visiting Aiken Rhett House

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Visiting Aiken Rhett House

What is Aiken Rhett house?

The Aiken-Rhett House, situated in a square long parcel at 48 Elizabeth Street, is quite possibly the most historically critical properties in Charleston. The house and its storehouses are perhaps the most complete and best saved metropolitan homegrown edifices of the prewar time.


Aiken-Rhett house was built in 1820 by trader John Robinson, it is broadly huge as extraordinary compared to other saved apartment buildings in the country. Inconceivably extended by Governor and Mrs. William Aiken, Jr. during the 1830s and again during the 1850s, the house and its storehouses incorporate a kitchen, the first slave quarters, carriage block and back part. The house and its enduring goods offer a convincing representation of metropolitan life in prewar Charleston, just as a Southern legislator, industrialist, and slaveholder. The house went through 142 years in the Aiken family’s hands prior to being offered to the Charleston Museum and in 1975 opened as a museum.

Why is it famous?

While numerous reliance structures in Charleston have been wrecked or adjusted, the slave quarters of Aiken Rhett with their unique paint, floors and installations – endure basically immaculate since the 1850s, permitting guests the special opportunity to all the more likely grasp the consistently real factors of the oppressed Africans who lived nearby, kept up the family unit and obliged the requirements of the Aiken family and their visitors.


This house and slave quarters, with its simple to-utilize sound guide, gives you an incredible knowledge into how the privileged societies lived in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, alongside a decent viewpoint on the slave side of the experience. 

This historical center has worked really hard making a fascinating independent visit utilizing an iPhone application that offers stories and data about the spaces, individuals who lived and worked there, and the lifestyles when the house was in its prime. The actual house is delightfully rotting, because of the protection approach instead of reclamation. So, there are sections of backdrop on the dividers and the rooms are not sufficiently bright. It is somewhat pitiful to detect that it’s less excellent and glossy that it used to be, but on the other hand it’s overly intriguing to genuinely feel the age of the house and its spaces. 

Utilizing the handheld sound guide, you can take as much time as is needed and appreciate all aspects of this verifiable home and grounds. The rooms are outfitted with period pieces and all around showed. The sound guide is exceptionally educational and pleasantly expressed.

It is an incredible chance to see the distinction among conservation and rebuilding. Tune in to the visit completely and envision the previous slaves and occupants. It really is a chronicled jewel, and the therapy of the historical backdrop of the oppressed individuals who lived and worked there is awesome, with nobility and regard for their battle.


48 Elizabeth St, Charleston, SC 29403-6250

+1 843-723-115

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