Where is Dubai Located and What to Do in Dubai?

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Where is Dubai Located and What to Do in Dubai?

Where is Dubai?

If you’re wondering where is Dubai on the map, then here is your answer. Dubai is situated in the UAE. Dubai isn’t the capital of the United Arab Emirates but it is one of the most loved destinations by tourists. Dubai is the emirates of the United Arab Emirates and UAE was founded in the year 1973 when all the seven emirates joined and formed a country. Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dubai, Fujairah and Ras as Khaimah are the other six emirates. UAE is an Islamic country but Dubai follows modern rules. Dubai is the most loved destination for tourists worldwide.

What to Do in Dubai?

Dubai is located on the northeastern coast of UAE on the map. When you are in Dubai, you would have a lot of things to do as Dubai has a lot for its visitors. Whether you are interested in the outdoors, culture, or shopping, Dubai has always something for its tourists. Below mentioned are some of the must to do things in dxb:

1- Dessert Safari

Dubai has a lot of desserts to choose from and has an amazing experience of desert
safari. While you are in Dubai, you can never ignore the charm and fun of a desert
safari so it must be your first thing to do in Dubai. The Platinum Heritage is surely the best out of all other desert safaris as they offer luxury and authentic desert safaris. Dubai safari is the best adventure for you to experience the desert as well as to provide you a cultural experience of Dubai’s Bedouin life by staying in camps and enjoying Emirates cuisine.

2- Air Balloon

Flying in a hot air balloon in Dubai is a must-to-have experience that you shouldn’t miss while you are in Dubai. The hot air balloon flying gives you a chance to fly with falcons in the skies. Falconry is also a cultural heritage of Dubai so flying in skies with falcons in hot air balloons would provide you with an immense cultural experience of Dubai.

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3- The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is also a wonderful tourist attraction. This is also the world’s second-
largest shopping mall and it is worth visiting. The mall contains the world’s famous
brands and shops and if you are a shopping lover, you must visit this mall. Moreover,
the beautiful view of the Dubai Aquarium captures the attention of the viewers. You can also go in and enjoy your visit to the amazing underwater zoo. There are also fountains in the outside area of the mall where a fountain show is held every four hours after 6 pm. The music, lights, and fountain dance amaze the viewers.

4- Kite Beach

Dubai is famous for its beaches. The weather and coastline in Dubai make the beaches worth visiting. Kite beach certainly is the most visited beach in Dubai. There you can try kayaking, paddleboarding, and have a super delicious lunch or breakfast. There are several beaches near and you can walk on the track to see all those beaches.

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