Where is Dubai On A Map?
- November
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Where is Dubai On A Map?

On a satellite view, Dubai appears as a large city bordered by a port. This is the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is inside the Arabian Desert that is at the Persian Gulf coast nearly 120 km North-East of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is the capital state of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is recognized as the capital city of the monarchy of Dubai Emirate. Dubai Emirate is one of the seven emirates or the United Arab Emirates. Because of the Persian Gulf, the city is a major trade hub that facilitates trade across the Persian Gulf. While many people have a general knowledge of the city and its bordering areas, many wonder ‘where is Dubai on a map?’dubai

A lot of information circulates on the economic success of Dubai city and it is widely known that Dubai has a great deal of incoming money from open markets. This is because it is in an open market zone where numerous traders from all across the globe come. So how does the question ‘where is Dubai on a maprelate to the success of Dubai? The answer is simple. Dubai is centrally located and this location is ideal to attract companies to set up distributorships in order to access the Asian states and other countries. The Persian Gulf border and the Dubai ports also make Dubai a good location to enable the convergence of investors.

The exact location of Dubai dubai

Dubai is a peninsula located on the Persian Gulf shore of the United Arab Emirates. Surrounding Dubai and in contact with its borders are Oman, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Oman is an independent state while Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are also Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai covers 1500 square miles or 4000 square kilometers on the map. It is the second-largest Emirate of UAE. It is near sea level, only 16m/52 ft. above the sea level. The grid coordinates for Dubai are 25.2697 N 55.3095 E. The region in which it is located is the Arabian Desert. The Emirate continues to grow its square location by constructing man-made islands on the water of the Persian Gulf. It has thus extended its boundaries in this way over the years. On the other side of Dubai is the Arabian Gulf.

Dubai is situated in Asia but is also considered a part of the Middle East so it can also be seen as belonging to Africa. Dubai is a city, not a country, this emirate belongs to the country named the United Arab Emirates.

Popularity of Dubaidubai

Dubai has become popular as a vacation destination. It hosts the only 7-star hotel there is in the world. The city appears as numerous skyscrapers, squares, high-rise buildings, artificial lakes, gardens, and popular sites like the Burj Khalifa. The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, reaching 829.,8 m. Dubai currently is home to a population of 3.1 million with nearly80% of them being expatriates. Dubai is ranked as an Alpha World City by the GaWC and is well-known for its developmental status.

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