Which Language Is Spoken In Dubai?

– November
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Which Language Is Spoken In Dubai?

Dubai is the third richest country of the world and is a big business hub. It is a sea as we all as an airport. Many people prefer Dubai as their destination if they want to accomplish huge business manifestations. The business tycoons from all over the world come to the Dubai world trade center.

Tourism spot

Dubai is also a dream destination and tourism spot for many people. The Burj Al Khalifa and the beautiful beaches of Dubai attract a lot of people towards Dubai. There are also many shopping malls, amusement parks that make Dubai a worthy place for tourism. The dancing fountains that are magnificently choreographed at night and the artificial beaches with breathtaking views all are a sudden attraction for people.

For the business people out there and the people that look to Dubai for immigration or shift to Dubai for business purposes. A major question that is asked by them is ‘Which language is spoken in Dubai?’

Which language is spoken in Dubai?

There is long detailed answer for that. Dubai being the country which has many millions of foreigners travelling constantly in and out of it, has to have English as its official language. Not still the official language of Dubai is Arabic. But that does not mean that is a bad thing. Most of the gulf countries have Arabic as their main language. But the plus point that belongs to Dubai here is that due to it being a modern country. Many people know English in Dubai. In fact English Is the second choice English of everyone and most know it very well. To be more precise, Dubai has more English speaking people living there than those who speak the traditional language of Arabic.

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Arabic still is the most written and the language that is used in all official matters of the entire country and it remains and will remain the most used language non-verbally as it is the official language.

Except for English and Arabic there are many people from other countries living in Dubai so many other languages are quite common as well. These languages include Hindi, Urdu, Persian and Chinese language as there are many Indians, Pakistanis, And Chinese people that live in Dubai. They have big businesses and pay their taxes which ads a great deal lot to the economy of Dubai.

There is a great deal of chances that if you are new in Dubai, you might overcome someone who speaks your native language and you can communicate with them easily. There is a very important thing if you are going to Dubai that you need to keep in mind. English although is a very common language in Dubai but in the rest of the areas of the UAE which are not as advanced as Dubai you have to know Arabic because the English speakers are less there.

This answers the question as to which language is spoken in Dubai and might be important for people who wish to go to Dubai.



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